Welcome to RecycleTassimoPods, the place that you are going to find out exactly how you can prevent your used Tassimo Discs going to the landfill sites across the country.

******* BREAKING INFO *******
We are delighted to tell you we can also recycle used pens and highlighters, also for 2p for charity!
******* BREAKING INFO *******

I found out how to start recycling the Tassimo discs a few months ago, and we have successfully recycled about 500 so far.
The company who recycle the discs donate 2p for each one that is sent to our chosen charity, which is the Farnham & Wey Valley Cats Protection.
What Now?
All you need to do now is to register above and sign in.
You then need to collect your Tassimo Discs in any box you have, and when you have reached 100, simply request a postage label from us. We will then email you one to print out and put onto your box.

Will You Collect?
Yes, we will collect your discs. Initially though just within the Basingstoke and Hampshire area. All we will need is your post code.

Post Yourself
We also have the ability where we can email you (or send you) a printed paid for postage label, that all you need to do is stick to the box and drop off at your post office.


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